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ISBN: 9780063066502
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Published: William Morrow - August 3rd, 2021

For fans of adventure, debut author Taylor Moore’s Down Range will keep your eyes moving. The author’s personal background in intelligence has gifted him with the ability to use a convincing jargon that puts the reader on the scene. 

The hero of this novel, former Green Beret and current DEA agent Garrett Kohl, first appears on an investigation of the drug trade in Afghanistan. He witnesses a massacre of villagers and sees a small boy fleeing the destruction. Although he is in a restricted zone, he simply cannot allow the boy to be killed, so he fires on his pursuers, killing them. This obligates him to connect with a CIA base chief, whose plans have him traveling to the U.S. There, he subsequently winds up tangling with a drug cartel in Texas. Lots of clever plot development, action, and soul. If you like thrillers, don’t miss this one.

Since I think this debut work is well done, I wanted to ask the author a few questions about Down Range. We are grateful for his responses.

32nd Avenue Books: What can you say about the relationship between your background in intelligence and your inspiration for Down Range?

Taylor Moore: My career background had a huge influence on the novel. Obviously, I was very familiar with the military and intelligence world and how it relates to counternarcotics, but much of the inspiration for Down Range came from my experience in the energy sector. Working for an oil and gas exploration company, I came into contact with quite a few interesting people with stories to tell. Some of my sources included individuals who had spent time in federal prison for drug trafficking, which helped me to develop what I think is a fairly unique storyline for the novel. 

32nd Avenue Books :Can you identify other writers who influenced your style?

Taylor Moore: Growing up, I was a big fan of writers like Tom Clancy and Nelson DeMille. I'm also a big fan of Larry McMurtry and Cormac McCarthy, which is probably why my style falls somewhere between traditional thriller and modern western writers.

32nd Avenue Books: What do you think Garrett Kohl plans to do next?

Taylor Moore: As far as Garrett Kohl's plans, you'll have to wait and see. I'm in the process of writing book two and big things are happening right now. I can only tell you that it's going to be exciting. Those who like the action, intensity, and intrigue of Down Range won't be disappointed. And for those who like the character-driven part of the story, we'll pick back up where the first book ended.

Steve Brehm                            

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April 7, 2021